“When power narrows the area of man’s concern, co – curricular activities remind us of the richness and diversity of our existence“
Some objectives of education cannot be achieved by academics alone. A pure academician develops a lopsided personality and all round development remains a far off dream. Can we achieve this all round development by following mere teaching – learning procedures. The answer is certainly NO. Hence the need for co-curricular activities is increasingly felt in college.

Co-curricular Activities ensures the harmonious growth of personality in children. It is source of strength for streamlining the talents of the child. It also helps to improve analytical thrust for knowledge competitive spirit, communication abilities, value orientation, leadership teamwork and various other facets of life which are important for them to develop into a confident personality. To inculcate all the said qualities, the college organizes various Workshops and Exhibitions to acquaint students with the latest in the educational scenario so that are equipped to face the challenging world with ease.