The College has well equipped Curriculum Laboratory. A collaborative panel of both faculty and students worked toward the goal of creating a lab that would meet and exceed the needs of the College as required by NCTE in New Norms. The lab combines the qualities of material center, mini-library, and idea center. The Curriculum Laboratory is a center for instructional material in teacher education. It is designed for students and teachers in the professional core courses in education, the specialized professional courses, student teaching, and the required activities related to student teaching.

The Curriculum Lab’s number one goal is to keep up-to-date and to provide students with the materials and equipment they need to be the teachers they want to be. Students may check out textbooks (Pre-Primary to Sr. Secondary) for fourteen (14) day periods/ children’s books may be checked out for seven (7) day periods. The diverse material found here, support instruction in professional development and teacher education. The material is in both print and non-print format. Education Faculty uses the Laboratory which also provides SMART Classroom facility, for teaching and demonstrations on electronic pedagogy to student teachers.


Successful language learning is not possible by just studying the language theories, it needs intensive demonstration and practice sessions. The language laboratory supplements this by providing interactive practice sessions to the students to acquire the four basic language skills i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

The college boasts of a well-equipped language laboratory which offers hands-on and practical language learning sessions.


The college has a well-equipped life science laboratory with all the equipment necessary to carry of experiments required at school level and to develop the spirit of scientific attitude for prospective teachers. It is adequately equipped with instruments, apparatuses, specimens, microscopes, slides, models and charts etc. to demonstrate practical that help to make subject matter more clear.


The College has a well-furnished Computer Lab with all latest Computers, which caters to the need of B.Ed. students. The Computer Lab also having projector and internet facility to train the students comprehensively in all the modern technologies which will help them to be a good teacher. It is used for imparting practical training to the students and preparing them to use the computer in class room situation. It provides the teachers and learners with non-print material, slide transparencies and power point presentation etc.

The centre has a rich collection of CDs and transparencies different teaching subject from class VI to IX, which are used by the teacher trainees during their teaching practice. The lab has multi-media like computer, TV, VCR, tape-recorder, OHP, sound system, LCD projector, camera, DVD player, audio & video cassettes etc., by which the students are given training to make the best possible use of latest technology in their teaching.


Art room is an appropriate place to give shape to imagination and creativity. Students are encouraged to give colorful picture to various ideas related to different topics. This resource room is well designed, spacious with adequate electricity, tools, equipment’s, raw materials’ reference materials, books, periodicals and motivational art and craft works.

Students can utilize all these for their creative works of arts and crafts, Besides, they can develop their Teaching learning materials(TLM) hand works, low cost and no cost demonstration items, making of toys or ornamental products out of unused home materials, drawings and paintings, needle works like ‘kantha stitch’, decorative pots, flower vases, earthen engravings and so many, out of their own desire.


For providing students adequate resources to excel in sports and games by creating a favorable environment imbibing on the ethics of sportsmanship various items like chess, carom, badminton volley ball, football, cricket etc. have been included here. Due professional competence can be developed through such physical and emotional culture. For spiritual enhancement of the students, yoga and meditation classes have been conducted in the resource room.


The College provides First Aid medical facilities to the students and staff.  A Part-time Doctor has been engaged for the purpose. Network with Medical Institutions has been established for routine check-up and emergency treatment of students.


Seminar is a routine feature of this institution through which all the students are activated and get ready to contribute too through their participation not only on the course contents but also in various disciplines of modern teaching learning processes going on. Expert academicians of the institutions of repute are invited to deliver their valuable lectures on this occasion, thus all of our students as well as faculty members are enriched enhancing their self-esteem, confidence, creative thinking and communication through it.


A well-equipped multipurpose hall enriched with modern devices like LCD Projectors, public address system, other audio-visual systems, covering an area of 84398.4sq.ft., provide the excellent opportunity of performing seminars, workshops, cultural functions, morning assembly, and a number of college functions.

The multi-purpose hall has well-ventilated and furnished with a seating capacity of 300 students. The stage is of the multipurpose hall is beautifully decorated and lighted that gives a sound platform to the pupil teachers to exhibit their talents.


Boys’ and girls’ common room refer to the rooms which are actually mini social centres for sharing and exchanging their views. These are pleasant with T.V. a source of recreation. There may he meetings, group discussion, other such activities by which they know the ropes to whom they can turn for help. Musical and social events take place in that atmosphere making each other refreshed. New ideas and concepts may also develop from this healthy environment through their interactive activities.









We believe in safety and punctuality. The college has a fleet of specially designed buses to ferry students to college and back. All the buses have latest safety equipment’s and speed regulators. Every bus is under the command of one teacher. All the main trunk and feeder routes are covered. Specific bus routes are determined at the beginning of each term. The college reserves the right to fix and/or to change bus routes, as may be necessary from time to time, in the interest of all. 

Keep your courage; you will go so far ;Follow your ambitions, your course will climb and reach the STARS.



In order to prevent unfortunate incidents and take prompt action, CCTV surveillance in college is the need of the hour. With 24 Hr CCTV surveillance, our college is one step ahead of the perpetrators.

DVM College gives topmost priority to the safety of the students. A Security Officer has been designated for the Safety and Security of the Students. A visitor is never allowed to enter the college campus without visitor pass.The security staff is incharge of handling the security needs of the college. The entire campus is under electronic surveillance and is monitored 24X7, and always guarded with the security staff in and around the campus. There has never been an instance of breach of security. The security measures at the college are infallible.




The College has a spacious canteen catering to the students as well as for the staff. An arrangement of hygienic Canteen maintained with per mutable capacity is being established in the premises.